A new way to enjoy pizza with appetizers, deserts, or a side dish placed conveniently in the center of your Pi!

Pi Pizza’s unique twist on a classic favorite was to develop a pizza synonymous with our original name, “Pi Hole Pizza”. After careful reconsideration however we decided to drop the word “hole” and stick with just Pi Pizza. The company has brought to market the world’s first appetizer and pizza combination. We have taken a 20” pizza and punched a 5” hole in the middle to insert any appetizer of your choice from our specialty “Holes” menu. These “holes” include chicken wings, meatballs, pasta, salads, desserts and a specialty line of macaroni and cheese bites. This revolutionary pizza preparation and delivery system will revolutionize the industry for years to come.

Our story began with our desire to create a high quality pizza at an affordable price in a fast service time frame. The Pi Pizza patent pending process has developed the preparation of a pizza that is made to order in under 5 minutes. We season our Tuscan grilled dough fresh daily to entice every customer to eat until the last bite. You may choose a pizza of from one of our signature Pi’s or create your own slice made with fresh ingredients.

The Pi Pizza brand is quickly becoming a desired food option throughout metropolitan, suburban and college communities. Our competitive price point within the pizza industry along with our fast casual service time frame, makes the Pi Pizza experience the best value around.

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